Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Labels

Printed shrink labels are the hottest value for packaging success. Custom containers with aggressive contours can now be wrapped with high-impact, reverse-printed branding with colorful sparkle that shouts from the shelf.

Multi-Packs and Promotions

Cost-effective multi-pack bags and sleeves protect promotional or combined packages with strong, clear shine or custom printing.


Need to see and pre-sell your shrink sleeve and shrink label packaging before it goes to press? KPAK's 2-day mockups help move your product to market, fast. Perfect for R&D, presentations, approvals, pre-selling and trade shows, 2-day color prototypes can include white layers in organic shapes or windows for product-discovery. Confidently include silver and gold for aesthetics or to control opacity.


Heat shrinkable plastic PVC, PET-G and OPS tamper-evident bands, full body sleeves/labels, and multi-pack sleeves are printed and seamed to exacting specifications, then delivered on a roll for production on high-speed or automatic equipment.

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