Cosmetic & Custom Food Packaging Services

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We offer wide range of cosmetic & custom food packaging services to help you get your product to market from direct packaging to warehousing to fulfillment.

Shrink Wrapping

Fully automatic equipment capable for tens of thousands per day...

Blister Packaging

High volume blister sealing and packaging...


Bagging is one of easiest and cheapest forms of packaging. We specialize...


Many products, promotional items or printed matter can be...

Clamshell Sealing

We offer clamshell sealers for those looking for a secure seal of their...


Clear and registered print film bundling with best quality...

Blending Services

We excels in seamlessly blending a wide range of packaging...

Stick-Pack Packaging

Our specialty lies in Stick-Pack packaging..

Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Your trusted partner in seamlessly integrating a variety...

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Our goal is to help you succeed, we will do whatever it takes to maximize your potential. 

Contract Packaging Services

We strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of service...

Packaging Equipments

KPAK Packaging Systems can design, build and install custom...

Packaging Supplies & Material

A leading end-of-line industrial packaging equipment manufacturer


Kpak specializes in custom vacuum thermoforming to meet your needs

Cosmetic & Custom Food Packaging

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